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Day Courses


Babysitter's Course, Home Alone Safety Course, Bullyproofing and Social Netiquette


Each PA day, March break and Holiday break we host our day courses. Our courses are taught by certified instructors, most persuing post-secondary education in the Child and Youth field.


Babysitting Course

Our babysitting course takes place in an interactive classroom environment. Participants are encouraged to participate in group discussion and activities to cover the required topics. The course content features a first aid component and teaches participants the safety aspects of caring for an infant, toddler and child. It also includes age appropriate activities and strategies for the tougher parts of the job such as separation anxiety. Time dependent, babysitting course participants also go for a 1 hour swim when the course content is completed. A certificate of completion is given to each participant as proof of taking the course.


Home Alone Safety Course

The home alone safety course is also taught in an interactive classroom environment. We encourage participants to add their own personal experiences in group discussion and activities. The course content includes a first aid for kids section and touches on ways to stay safe when home alone such as cooking dangers and what to do when faced with a stranger at the door or on the phone. When the course is completed, participants get to participate in an hour swim. A certificate of completion is awarded to each participant as proof of participation in the course.


Bullyproofing Day Camp

Our bullyproofing day campers spend half the day in the classroom learning about bullying; what it is, what to do when you see someone being bullied and focuses on how to treat yourself and others with respect. The other half of the day is spent swimming, playing games in the gym and outside and participating in a variety of other camp activities. Participants will receive a certificate of completion for the bullyproofing portion.


Social Netiquette

The Social Netiquette day camp is a half day course on internet safety, the dangers and how to keep communication lines open with parents.  The other half of the day campers will participate in a variety of camp activities such as an hour recreational swim, gym and outdoor activities and more!  Participants will recieve a certificate of completion for the Social Netiquette course.  


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