The YMCA of Northeastern Ontario is proud to have been part of the Statement of Reconciliation on National Indigenous Peoples Day. The Statement was unanimously approved by all YMCAs in Canada and strengthens our dedication to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and communities in Canada. It is reflective of the YMCA Federation’s commitment to fostering a sense of belonging for all and its values of inclusiveness, accountability, and collaboration.

It's important to recognize that as a charity, we thrive on building a happy, healthy community. Today marks a crucial, and necessary, step towards reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and ensures that our local communities can work and understand each other better.
-- Tom Coon, President & CEO (Interim), YMCA of Northeastern Ontario

Our YMCA creates welcoming spaces where everyone feels like they belong to a supportive community. We are committed to strengthening our relationships and improving Indigenous Peoples’ access to our programs and services.

The YMCAs in Canada Statement of Reconciliation is the latest action taken on our road towards reconciliation, but it is not the last. The statement makes a collective commitment and by adopting it, the YMCA of Northeastern Ontario acknowledges and embraces the role we will play in reconciliation efforts with Indigenous Peoples.

Read the full Statement of Reconciliation on the National YMCA website.


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